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  Donna Garret..   Reviewed on : 04/2018

AMAZING!!! We booked CFVProductions for our daughter’s wedding. It was the BEST vendor we worked with throughout the day! Rinson and Shannon were prompt and extremely professional. They listened to our requests and were very attentive to making sure that every detail we wanted was included. They incorporated the most important parts of the whole day into a 15 minute highlight reel on Vimeo Streaming, In addition we received 2 separate DVD’s of the ceremony and reception. I would highly recommend CFVproductions to everyone looking for the BEST ! Videographer.

  Reviewed On 05/2018  Katie

I highly recommend CVFproductions. They are incredibly professional and attentive. CVF productions went above and beyond in capturing our precious memories. The final product was amazing and they got hours of great footage. It was well worth the money spent. We will always have our priceless memories for the years to come!

Elisa Morgan 6-6-18

CFVproductions did our wedding last month and omg! They were the BEST! they captured every detail of our wedding and reception. They were on time and very professional in their dress and Appearance! The Video was so! Wonderful.  You must have a video ! Even before a photographer! Its so must better to have a moving video vs still pictures! CFVproductions! Will give you more than you ever envisioned! You will be so happy! ! And pleased, that you used CFVproductions.


  The Most Amazing.... Reviewed on:  06/2018

CFVproductions is an amazing videographer son and daughter in law had them ..they are very professional.they showed up early to make sure they captured everything.the wedding and reception videos are AMAZING!!,!,!,!,,! Highly recommend them to do your wedding..Im so pleased with the way they interacted with the guest and the way they captured the wedding ..thank you very much!!,,!

  Reviewed On 02/2018 Dawn H

I was so pleased and blessed to have  CFVproductions document our special day! They are truly the sweetest people; but, not only that, they are a class act! Even our guests complimented on how nice and friendly they were! Our video for the wedding and reception were perfect! Having our day documented in such a professional and caring way was priceless. My husband and I both cried while watching the beautiful production! Thank you so Much !! 


Awesome Work, Professional & Reasonably Priced

     Reviewed On 03/2018  Mara + Jake

Me and my husband can't thank  Rinson ! The Owner of CFVproductions for the awesome work  you did for us. They arrived on time for both the rehearsal and the ceremony. They were dressed professionally and fit right in with our theme, even our guest commented on how professional they were, Our Wedding Video was ready within 6 weeks and displayed on Vimeo online streaming,  all the beautiful events of our big day displayed! . The quality of the video was amazing. I could not have asked for more. They touched on everything we requested and more. Their pricing fit right into our budget and was very reasonable. Thank you CFVProductions for taking the fear out of at least that part of our wedding.


Top Ten in columbus Ohio

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Expertise Magazine Reviewed 162 Videographers  and determined that CFVproductions Rated in the TOP ..TEN for excellence  a covenant Award that we want to share with our Customers giving them the assurance of  the Professionalism we will provide you and your families.    

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